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Assistants - Should You Use Their Photos Under Your Name?
- or from our (RCC photokids seeking internships) point-of-view, maybe it should be titled "Assistants - Can You Take Credit For Your Photos?." A very interesting article, especially for Photojourn students and other 2nd-Years who are interning or seeking jobs as photo assistants.

Something Very Interesting Is Coming, Both To This Blog And To Our Industry
- Another article wetting our collective apatites for the soon-to-be-released Canon 5D Mark II. This post is the first in-depth (p)review of the 5D Mark II's incredible High-Definition video capabilities. Videos and behind-the-scenes will be posted soon.

Both of these links are from Vincent Laforet's blog, an internationally known, and well respected commercial and editorial photographer, and gearhead whom has been published in the likes of PDN, NY Times, NatGeo, SI, Time, Newsweek, among many others.

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