Assignment: Breakfast

My take on it: "Breakfast on the Go"

Breakfast On The Go

-Nikon D300
-Nikon AF 24-85mm f/3.5-5.6 lens
-Broncolor Opus power pack
---main strobe feathered over passenger side door/window with amber gel
---amber gelled snoot through windshield onto cup and pop tart
---non-gelled sofbox filling back window

Commercial Photography Assignment: Client #1 Breakfast
-photograph "breakfast"
-show time and place
-shoot in studio

Everyone else in my class shot really nice table top breakfast scenes, but I decided to go with something different; a more realistic, less idealistic breakfast: coffee and a pop tart.

I'm not totally satisfied with the shot, but I was surprised by mostly positive comments during critique.

Setup shot:

setup shot

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