Commercial photography group assignment #4: Jewelry
-split into groups of 3 0r 4
-pick a wrist watch
-decide on a basic composition
-light well
-each member turn-ins separate image

I'm not 100% keen on this image. I was going for something a little different from the rest of my group. I went more straight-on, going for a more direct geometric composition. But I ended up with much flatter lighting with a lot less depth and dimension compared to the rest of my group.

Canon 30D
Canon 24-105mm f/4L lens
Broncolor Opus powerpack
Adobe Photoshop CS3

-strobe-head with standard bowl reflector at 8:30 slightly above, through cloth scrim
-strobe-head with standard bowl reflector at 3:00 slightly above, through semi-translucent, textured plexi/plastic
-white reflectors below and above subject
-glass watch face flagged off with small black gobo/flag
---separate contrast adjustment layer masking for overall image, watch face, and ring around watch face
---iridescent areas brought-out through masked Hue/Saturation adjustment layer

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