Photo Retouching

back when I was cute

This is an old family photo taken by my mom back around 1993 on her Nikon FG-20 with generic 1-hour photo processing/5x7 printing. It was scanned (poorly) by my uncle and required me to do a lot of spotting, some levels and color adjustment, cropping, and a little clone tool removal of distracting elements.

Pictured (from left to right): me (back when I was cute), my late Papaw Blackwood, and my younger brother, Zach. It's a picture that means a lot to Zachary and me. Our Papaw passed away a year ago come February.


Lanham said...

Looks good, but you should post the original so we could see the work.

leah_mae said...

I like the look of this-some of our old family photos have these sort of tones.

DS Clark Photo said...

I really like the colors and tones. Good job with retouching, it would be cool to see the original.

servus said...

post the original. This one looks really good. I'm sure you know the book 'restoration book by Eisman.
By the way no Mamiya Flex posts lately?!