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I try to include, within my page, lists of helpful photography web links. For those who may not have noticed or explored them, here are a few that stand out and that I feel are especially useful:

Freestyle Photographic Supplies -
offers a variety of hard to find and diverse film and paper types, including infrared, reversal, and litho film.

Huemaxx Co. - Information on the best local place to buy or repair mechanical cameras of all types

JPG Magazine - Made entirely by photography submitted and voted on by photographers. Join, submit, get published.

The Massive B&W Dev Chart - Easily find developing times for a complete list of black and white films and film developers.

B&H Photo Links - An extremely useful and hard to find page within the well-known B&H Photo website, containing a comprehensive list of photography equipment, publications, and resources.

35mm SLR Resource Page - A useful site for any Nikonian, full of reliable information on various Nikon cameras, lenses, and assorted equipment. Also, includes info on Canon FD, Canon EOS, Olympus, Minolta, Pentax, and Contax cameras and equipment.

Antique Camera Manuals - Have an old or antique camera and not sure how to use it? Chances are you can find its manual here, and download it as a free PDF file.

Polaroid Camera Collection - Useful site for any Polaroid lover, containing information on a host of classic and antique Polaroid cameras and film types.

How Canon lenses are made - An interesting and informative flash video and walk-through on how modern Canon lenses are made. Any fan of the History Channel or "how-its-made" shows should enjoy this.

Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet - Anyone new to Mozilla Firefox or anyone who would like to use it more efficiently should find this page useful.

Ebay Typos Search - A great site for any Ebay bidder. Type-in an item you would like to find, and this site will search a wide range of common miss spellings allowing you to buy cheaper by finding items others wouldn't.

Let me know if you find any of these useful.

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