this is where i live and proof i'm a nerd (originally posted 2006-10-08)

i just discovered "photomerge" in photoshop, and went to town photographing my apartment (even though it's meant for landscapes and is confused by fisheye distortion).
i've wanted a good fast super-wide angle lens for a while now (the one i want is $1400), and i just get a huge kick out of this little cheat/shortcut to that kind of image.
i did get a little overzealous in some places and overlapped the images too much, which confused the program and caused some distortion, but over all i like it a lot.

these were all shot late this morning/early afternoon
using natural/ambient light and some white balance tweaking:
Living room 1
Living room 2
Dining room 1
Dining room 2
Dining room 3
Luc's (room mate) room 1
Luc's (room mate) room 2
My bedroom 1
My bedroom 2
My bedroom 3
My bedroom 4

i shot this one like normal and cropped:

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