Zoo Pictures 2006-12-13 (originally posted 2006-10-13)

please let me know what you think about my new pics, good or bad. i could use some REAL critiques.


Some shots i especially like:


I went to the zoo this afternoon. i didn't have any work to do and RCC photo students get in free.

i feel like i'm actually improving as a photographer, and that makes me really happy. it's great to finally have a firm understanding of the fundamentals. and it's amazing i've gotten as far as i have without them. i think about a lot more when i shoot now. before, it was all trail-and-error. take a few pictures, check to see how they came out, play with some settings, take some more or move-on. now, i find myself rarely looking at the the LCD screen. i think so much more about image quality, ISO speed, white balance, metering, composition, balance, etc. not that i didn't know (or at least have a rough idea) what these terms meant before, but now i'm using them properly, and my end results look A LOT better to me.

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