my current collection

of antique/classic cameras:

Agfa Isolette V - 120 film - produced 1950-1960 - Germany - untested: light leeks, stuck focus ring
*given-away to a friend

Pho-Tak Foldex 20 - 120 film - produced 1950-1962 - USA? - fully functional

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye - 620 film - produced 1950-1961 - USA - fully functional

Kodak Brownie Reflex 20 - 620 film - produced 1959-1963 - USA -fully functional: near-mint
*given-away to a friend

Bell & Howell 311 - Super-8 film - produced 1950s-? - USA - untested: good condition
*given-away to a friend

Polaroid 420 Land Camera - Polaroid 669 film - produced 1971-1977 - untested: poor condition

Peerflekta II - 120 film - produced 1945-1950s - (East) Germany - non-functioning: gummed-up shutter, damaged mirror
(...oops! white balance change)

Dejur Eldorado II - 8mm film - untested

Mamiya C220 - 120 film - produced 1968-early 1970s - Japan - fully functional

Nikon FG-20 - 35mm/135 film - produced 1984 - Japan - fully functional

Walz Flash Master - produced 1950s? - Japan - non-functioning: missing batteries (rare), missing flash bulb


Anna said...

Hey, I found your site while doing a google search for old cameras. Your collection is really impressive! I have quite a few old cameras myself, and have yet to play around with them. I'm waiting for 'right moments' b/c that old film is so expensive. Anyway, glad to have found your site!

Dominic said...

I just bought a walz flash for $1 at a thrift store with battery sitting next to two four packs of bulbs. $3 altogether! I'm trying to find more info about it and came across this. My boyfriend is going to make a power supply for it so i can actually use the bulbs... should be interesting.
i like your collection a lot!