Ressurection Suspension

Ressurection Suspension slideshow

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[BUT only if you are not easily offend or fearful of blood]

Straight A Tattoo
Asheboro, NC

suspension by: Brian Wood
on: Kelly Hankins

Nikon D300
Nikon AF 17-35mm f/2.8 ED lens
Adobe Lightroom

slideshow via Flickr


Anonymous said...

So far I've heard a lot of talk about his posting and I'm sure I'll hear more. Being a photographer can be difficult sometimes, not to say you didn't enjoy this photo shoot, and I applaud your ability to let nothing stand in you way of capturing good images. Nothing gets peoples' attention like a shock factor. Keep up the good work.

mattbell said...

Thanks, Kelsey. I really appreciate that.

Nikki Harvell said...

I've only seen someone do this once and that was b/c I was waiting on someone getting a tattoo there. I love how you didn't let anything stop you from getting what you wanted.

mattbell said...

Thank You.