Living Specimen

Found Baby Wolf Spider
roughly 1cm long.
Shot in a clear container
with sides too smooth to climb.
It did not like being photographed
but was kept safe
and released afterwards.

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Canon 5D (macro kit)
Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens
Kinex KC-150SD copy table
-light table (cool/daylight balanced)
-fiber optic mini spotlight (warm/tungsten balanced)

Setup Shots:

Macro Setup

Macro Setup


Paige O'Brien said...

I hate spiders but these are good shots. The DOF is nice how it just slices through the image of the spider.

Tara Joyce said...

I just got cold chills looking at this but you did a great job on this and everything else you do!

Meghan Barrett said...

As much as hate spiders these are really good. I like the spot light and the gels. Great job!

Melisa Ann said...

Spiders are pretty cool subjects to begin with, so yay. I like the control over dof you had...really makes these pictures interesting. Nice use of color as well.