aka my next 2 months.

For my first required internship I will be working for the North Carolina Department of Archeology in downtown Raleigh.

I'll be photographing and cataloging archaeological artifacts from all over NC, scanning and digitizing old/antique photographs and negatives, creating posters and multimedia presentations, and possibly also working within the NC department of forensics.

It'll be a difficult adjustment working 7:30am to 4:30pm (possibly later on Wednesdays). But I have family in Raleigh I can crash with, though not entirely comfortably. So, I'll probably split my time between commuting and staying in Raleigh.

I also don't know my way around that area very well but look forward to exploring downtown, Wade Ave, etc. And I welcome any help doing so.

I also don't know if it's a paid internship yet, but being a underfunded government department, I kind of doubt it.

It seems to be a pretty chill, laid back place. I'll pretty-much get to do my own thing. And I'm encouraged to work on things I find enjoyable and/or interesting.

So, this should be pretty cool.

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Carmen said...

Are thoes your Potraits down there? thoes infered ones are awesome. You'll have to tell me how you did that. I love the style of your photo's they seem, simple but so stunning. woah i sound a bit cheesey, haha