Kat - IR





model: Kat Kalashnikov
stylist: Kat Kalashnikov
assistant: Kelly Hawkins

Technical info after the jump.
Nikon F2
Nikon Ai 50mm f/1.4 lens
-deep red lens filter
(very-expired) Kodak High Speed Infrared (HIE) 35mm film
Kodak Xtol (1+1) developer
20ºC - 10min


steve said...

I love the grain in these photos. I assume this is film or is it digital grain.

Blair's Foster Socks said...

The way you make them look old and grainy is great, really adds more character to the photos. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Marie Photo Arts said...

Was this effect done in Photoshop and is it a filter or custom?

mattbell said...

It's film.. No digital filters or alterations.

What you're seeing is a photo taken on a particular kind of film (in this case, expired infrared 35mm film) that is then chemically developed. That film is then digitized with a film scanner, with adjustments made only to exposure and contrast (similar to what can be done in a traditional darkroom).

Bryn De Kocks said...

Awesome shots, love the feel that this film creates. Works well with the theme of the images too - horroresque.