Random cool stuff

Cleaning out my Firefox bookmarks tab today. It's gotten WAY too cluttered and disorganized.

I rediscovered a few links I think are interesting and/or useful enough to share:

Feeling Negative - A great blog for analog photogs, full of useful info in easily digestible bites.

Google Analytics - Bless you, Google, and all your free developer goodness.

Tyler Stout - A kickASS illustrator, poster, and screen print artist

Local Motors - A brilliant new approach to car design and manufacture, and maker of the epic Rally Fighter.

The World's Most Extreme Photography Equipment - A cool little article about an elite handful of HUGE cameras and lenses.

Busted: How To Survive Police Encounters And Flex Your Civil Rights - Watch this PSA video put together by Flex Your Rights. If you are ever pulled over for a speeding ticket, or questioned by the police for any reason, you will be glad you did.


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