North Carolina film processing labs

I fell in love with tradition film photography while at RCC. But now that I've graduated (and no longer get free in-house C-41 and E-6 processing), I need to find a photolab to develop my color film.

And while the internet is a vastly useful resource, it is rife with bullshit and old/misinformation. But I recently came across this little informational gem that I think others might also find useful.

Posted by Michael Chappell on a Photo.net resource page, January 16, 2008:
North Carolina film processing

I am not certain if anyone has posted the information elsewhere on the site, but there are several options in North Carolina. Of course there are plenty of retail "chain" stores that do nice processing and printing, provided the chemicals receive proper maintenance/replacement. But for large reprints, or slide film processing, the options are fewer.

In Raleigh - J.W. Photo Lab (www.jwphotolabs.com) does an incredible job on all processing needs. The average turn around is 24 hours for processing. If you need it faster, you can drop it off with Jackie and they will have it ready in 2 hours (processing & contact sheet). As far as print go, I had 40X60 prints made a year ago for a project and they were phenomenal. The prices are unbelievable and the quality and customer satisfaction deserves 5-Stars.

Raleigh/Carrboro - Southeastern Camera (Color, Black & White, Digital, 35mm, 120/220). (http://www.southeasterncamerasupply.com/) Southeastern has 3 locations - Raleigh, Carrboro, and Wilmington. They just closed the store in Cary in January 2008. All their processing services are done at the Carrboro Store. If perhaps you are visiting the area from out of town, Carrboro and Chapel Hill are neighboring cities. It is about a mile from the downtown section of Chapel Hill to the Carrboro location.

Chapel Hill - The University used to send printing needs to hospital for processing and printing/enlargements. The results were fantastic. But now, as I was told, University Photo on Hwy 54 is now another business that provides processing and printing of print and slide film, 35/120/220, and digital services. I have not used them so I can not attest to their business, but I have never heard anything negative about them.

Raleigh/Garner - NC Tri-Color imaging (http://nctricolor.com) offers processing and printing, as well as digital. They have forms online to print and fill out, and then a drop slot in their front door to leave the film. Turn around used to be about 48 hours and the quality was great.

Burlington/Greensboro/Winston-Salem - I am not over in this part of the state much. (also called the Triad). The last few times I had any E6 processed, I used Chromex, on Battleground Ave. (336-273-0871). If you get the film in by 11am, you can have it back by 3pm. My film was beautiful.

Charlotte - Kenny Color Lab (S. Church Street) (704-377-9171) does a fantastic job. I shot some photos for a project, had them processed here, and was very pleased.

Charlotte - There is a place called "The Photo House" that I had some print film processed at, and the results were very nice. The also offer digital services, mounting, and other very creative/artistic services.

Charlotte - One of my colleagues at UNC-Charlotte says that she uses Positive Reactions on Winnifred Street. They offer E6, film, and digital services. She said they have a 2-3 hour turnaround.
I would also like to add to the list:

Burlington - Camcor (formally "Camera Corner") located at 105 North Gurney Street, Burlington, NC (just off of South Church Street/Highway 70). Their website is useless for film processing info, but they still offer inexpensive C-41 (but no E-6) processing. I recently went in and got a price list for C-41 same-day film processing (without prints or scans):
-35mm (any exposure length) roll: $2.99
-120 roll: $2.99
-220 roll: $5.99
Camcor will not cross process (xpro) E-6 film.
Camcor WILL push-process C-41 film

[EDIT 2010-08-28:  CamCor now charges a flat fee of $5 for film process, whatever the roll]

High Point - Huemaxx located at 2313 Geddie Place High Point, NC. Huemaxx is usually where I recommend anyone in the area looking to buy or repair antique/mechanical cameras. But they also do printing and 35mm,120,220, and 4x5 C-41 film processing.


I just called Chromex in Greensboro and found out they stopped processing E-6 about 8 months ago.. :( But suggested Chromatics in Nashville, TN.


Master Color Labs in Greensboro still processes C-41 film (does not cross-process/xpro E-6) with a 1-day turnaround. Film turned in by 10am can usually be processed by 4pm same-day. 
•35mm roll C-41 film (just developing): $2.80 each
•120 roll C-41 film (just devoloping): $2.60 each
•220 roll C-41 film (just devoloping): sorry. didn't ask..
•4x5 sheet C-41 film (just devoloping): sorry. didn't ask..
*Master Color does not push-process


JW Photolabs is Raleigh processes C-41 and E-6 with a 1-day turnaround. Film turned in by 10am can usually be processed by 4pm same-day. 

Prices per roll/sheet for E-6 processing (as of 2009-10-23):
•35mm 24exposure (mounted)- $7.25 (unmounted)- $6.00

•35mm 36exposure (mounted)- $8.75 (unmounted)- $7.00
•120- $6.50
•220- $9.50
•4x5- $3.00 

Prices per roll for C-41 processing (as of 2009-10-23):
•35mm 24exposure- $5.00
•35mm 36exposure- $5.50
•120- $4.35
•220- sorry. didn't ask..
•4x5- sorry. didn't ask..

Biggs Camera in Charlotte, NC develops B&W, C-41, and E-6 films. They have their full price list on their website, here.

[EDIT 2010-01-11]

Southeastern Camera in Carrboro, NC now offers E-6 film processing through JW Photo labs. Their cost run a little higher than JW will directly charge you. But if you're in Carrboro/Chapel Hill (and don't need 24-hour turnaround) it may be worth it for the added convenience. 
E-6 processing for a 36-exposure roll of 35mm at Southeastern: $9.99
E-6 processing for a 36-exposure roll of 35mm at JW Photolabs: $8.75


Anonymous said...

there are pretty much only two pro labs left in the state--Positive Results and JW, with Dalmatian Photo doing custom b/w.

Anonymous said...

>it is writhe with bullshit and old/misinformation<

btw--I think you mean "rife".

reminds me of an RCC blog post from a couple of years ago. student had a headline--"Breaking News: Window Pain Falls on Street" and then continued to spell "pane" and "pain" through the body of the story.

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Jason said...

Hi, dude, I am now living in Odum Village, Chapel Hill. Could you please recommend some professional shops that can develop the films? I am an film photography addict as well.

Matt F said...

Chromex in greensboro shut down development on Dec 31st 08, and mastercolor in greensboro stopped doing push/pull 'years ago'. :(

photokp1 said...

Matt, Huemax is no longer at Geddie Place in High Point. They moved to Randolph Co. Whether they still process, I don't know.


Bel Destefani said...

Thanks so much!

I'm new to shooting with film but I know I don't want to just drop it off at Walgreens. This was really helpful.

I'm going to drop it off at Southeastern Camera. Hopefully it works out OK!

Anonymous said...

NetPrintz specializes in professional quality e6 slide film processing and developing as well as bulk slide scanning. We monitor chemistry and equipment daily and only professionals get near your originals. http://netprintz.net/scans.html or http://www.netprintz.net/e6.html to go directly to the pricing page. NetPrintz is competitively priced and will produce the highest quality output for you every time. We use plastic mounts and they are shipped to you in a plastic box.

Betty said...

I live in Winston Salem, NC and need to have some old film developed, 35mm, can you tell me where I can take it.

mattbell said...

There aren't any professional photo labs in Winston-Salem anymore, as far as I know.

If it's color negative film, you can take it to a CVS, Walgreens, or some other drug store that still processes film. Somewhere on the canister it should say "C-41" or color negative.

If it's black and white or slide film (E-6), there's no where in Winston-Salem or Greensboro that does that. You could take it to Bigg's Camera in Charlotte, or mail it to a pro lab elsewhere (like Richard's Photo Lab in LA).

If it happens to be Kodachrome, you're SOL.

Anonymous said...

Great info thanks! i can tell you as of last year camcor was printing film digitally and quite poorly. i was so broken hearted to be laughed at by them we stopped going there completely. their service was always above and beyond with regular rolls of film but i was experimenting with pinhole and pix of space, maybe i was asking too much?

Jacob Harrison said...

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