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I've recently started working with a group in Greensboro referring to itself simply as "Production Photography." It's a non-profit group started by John Ryan Flaherty, Chris Cooke, and Aaron Nace. It's slowly growing to incorporate lots of local talent including photographers, videographers, models, makeup and hair stylists, etc (I was invited on to be a behind-the-scenes shooter).

As a non-profit, it's all for the love of photography/the production. It's goal is to bring together creative (young) talent into the Greensboro arts community for collaborative projects, portfolio building, to learn from one-another, and to benefit the group and the city of Greensboro.

It's steadily growing and hopes to soon establish a permanent studio space/base camp, as well as official non-profit legal status, thanks mainly to the behind-the-scenes work of John and the forward momentum of Aaron, Chris, Rosie, and others.

I've only been involved with the group for only a couple of weeks now, but I really enjoy working with them all and I'm excited to see how far it all goes/grows. Those who have been heavily involved, especially from the beginning, are slowly becoming the "core group" (I'm also starting to consider myself part of that).

We will always be open and eager for new people, especially those with skills we need. But so far it's by "invite only." We want to avoid over crowding and rubber-neckers. We're also limiting ourselves to no more than 2 to 4 shoots a day, and only a few days a week.

Core group members will "sponsor" new people into the group on a one-on-one basis. Ideas/concepts will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis and will be also evaluated on creativity, time, and the abilities of those involved. Those with ideas for shoots must first spend time helping on other shoots. And contributions of time, talent, equipment, opportunities, connections, and funds will always be needed.

Polaroid ProPack land camera
(expired) Polacolor 669 pack film


Jason Cheng said...

I like that concept a lot. Thanks for sharing.

F-Luc said...

I'm happy for you. That sounds like a pretty awesome project. I look forward to seeing some more of the work that comes out of it. I liked these photos.