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Scott Grobe, did some experiments recently using black and white RC photo paper as film, then inverting them in photoshop.

I decided to follow his lead and put 11x14 Ilford RC Glossy Photo Paper into my school's behemoth antique 11x14 view camera.

Our 11x14 camera is mostly for show and to demonstrate how large format cameras work. It hasn't been regularly used in years, if not decades. And we have no 11x14 film carriers, so I improvised one out of matte board and tape. Scott figured the paper's speed is around 6-12 ISO. And the camera's lens is stuck wide open at f/16. I wanted simple lighting, so I set up two Speedotron 2403x powerpacks on full, combined power with a strobe and large bowl each.


11x14 setup

11x14 setup

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nothing said...

nice shot love the expression, the pupils are crazy.