Photography Blogs

Great blogs for photographers:

One of the best and most well respected photography blogs on the internet. Strobist teaches amazing lighting techniques using minimal equipment with professional results.

Photo Attorney
A blog run by Carolyn E. Wright, an attorney whose practice concentrates on the law for photographers, and author of Photographer's Legal Guide.

A blog for anyone hoping to or looking for new ways of making money from their photography.

DIY Photography
For anyone who's interested in alternatives to buying expensive photography and lighting equipment and prefer to "do it yourself."

Make: Photography
Another great source for photographers who enjoy building, tinkering, and making, from the well know Make: magazine.

I use Google: Reader to keep track of all the blogs I find interesting. It's a simple to use RSS reader (wiki) application that works with your Google/Gmail account, and goes well with Blogger and Firefox. Nothing to download and install, and you can access it from anywhere.

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