DIY mini-softbox

DIY mini-softbox

I built this little contraption onto my trusty (made in Japan) Vivitar 285HV.

I just measured it out on matte board, cut it to size, and taped it all together.

Materials used:
-wax paper 4x5 neg sleeve(s) x 2
-matte board (black on one side, white on the other)
-gaffer's tape
-matte knife

It's not the most sturdy thing, and i'm sure it wouldn't handle a drop too well (nor a strong poke), but it works pretty decently.
Now I need to modify it to be removable and possibly collapsible for portability.

Examples shot:

Mini-Softbox Party

Mini-Softbox Party

Mini-Softbox Party

Canon Rebel XT (350D)
Vivitar 285HV flash
with DIY mini-softbox
and off-shoe cord


udijw said...

Hi Matt,
Great softbox idea and great results. I'd love to see a post with instructions.
- udi

Anonymous said...

It looks good- you know they sell those things for 20 bucks a pop or something ridiculous like that. Another cool idea that I found on Strobist for making your flash do an overall 360 degree wash of light is making an "x" incision in the lid of a round Tupperware container and simply sticking it directly on the flash head. He says to be careful of color cast but it could work well for big rooms and such.

Angie Hoffman said...

This is a good idea. You're so crafty. I need something like that.

John F Rash said...

I think starting a blog or a section of your blog dedicated to DIY photo ideas would be amazing. Photography tends to fall into a category of being more and more expensive and gear-driven,when there are certainly ways that the thrifty or starving artist can get in on the game without buying brand-name photo gear. Great posting!

Lanham said...

Nice ingenuity.

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