unintentional artistic framing

BioCom Photojournalism assignment: Friday Night Football

Football's not my thing, but i'm required to shoot Friday night high-school football for my photojournalism class.

The point of the assignment is to get capture your subject anyway you can.

It's dark, your subject is far away, and moving fast. Max your flash-sync and ISO to stop action.

With Friday night football grainy, ugly, direct-flash images are ok as long as you've captured the action, the emotion, and especially the ball...

unintentional artistic framing

Canon 30D
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8
Vivitar 285 flash


Paige O'Brien said...

The second shot is good. What is the pink blur though?

Paige Kazazian Photography said...

crazy framing, bill definitely wouldn't like them, but the rest of us do :D haha.