Cats In The Grave Yard

I could hear them crying in the distance.
...at least, I hope those where cats.

They Glow At Night

Light painting attempt using Graflex 4x5 field camera and (expired) Kodak Pro 100 tungsten-balanced film.
Light source: LED modified mini-Maglite + distant city lights.
f/8 - ~5min


tootie said...

I stumbled on your blog - great photos!!

Sagen Kime said...

I love this Matt! Nice work. I love that old graveyard I try to go to it every fall, it's so beautiful that time of year.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing--it looks like something from a film that too cool to have been made yet... nice job with the light-painting
As soon as I figure out how I will add your blog to mine!

HelloToFarewell said...

I was searching pages who had the same interests as I do as far as music goes (The Blow, Farewell, Minus The Bear) and I noticed that you are a photographer. I also enjoy photography but have not been able to indulge recently. Anyways, I really like your photos, especially this one.